Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section of Medium Britta, where we aim to demystify the world of spiritual connection. Here, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Mediumship, the captivating realm of animal communication, and the enigmatic practice of Psychic Reading. Whether you're new to these spiritual avenues or simply seeking clarity on specific topics, this space has been curated to offer insights, understanding, and guidance.




Every mediumship reading is different because every medium is different. The spirit world uses many of the memories and experiences that I have had in my lifetime to communicate with you. As an evidential medium your loved ones show evidence to demonstrate how they are all around you. Every medium receives their information differently from the spirit world and the interpretation of that information is what makes every reading unique.

Animal Communication

Dogs, cats and horses are the more popular fur babies but Britta has also connected with birds and bunnies too.