Meet Britta

Britta Grubin

Meeting Britta Grubin for the first time, you will immediately see a woman devoted to her roles as wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. What cannot be seen from the outside is that she is also an evidential spiritual medium.

Britta has been immersed in her own spiritual development for over two decades and has been intuitive all her life about herself and others. As a result, she commenced an intensive study of mediumship with several internationally renowned, experienced mediums, revealing a special gift for evidential connections (those messages from loved ones which provide verifiable evidence Britta could not possibly know, except from spirit).

Britta’s life path is not about changing anyone’s belief system, unless it’s to provide evidence that life and love are forever. She is merely a facilitator who has learned, through much study and practice, how to connect you to your loved ones on the other side.

That the love we feel for our family and friends continues past this earthly life is a fact which Britta has shown her clients again and again. That you would come to know this truth about your own loved ones can be the beginning of healing after loss and grief.

Britta has always believed that heaven is actually all around us, not some far off place beyond our reach. Your loved ones on the other side are with you every day, watching over you, still very much a part of your life ~ and they want to connect with you.

Britta is a strong supporter in her community and a mediumship provider for the Helping Parents Heal Organization. Britta has enjoyed the opportunity to learn from many spiritual teachers around the world who have helped her advance in her mediumship skills.

She holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and spent a decades long career in corporate sales. Britta has lived all over the United States, spent many years living abroad in Europe and has had three babies in three countries, catapulting her into many adventures with her children and beloved husband.

Britta recently moved from Southern California to Switzerland in support of an international work assignment for her husband. You can find Britta hiking a Swiss trail and exploring the surrounding cities with her family in her down time. She has had many life experiences and appreciates learning about new cultures. She very much looks forward to connecting with you soon!