Meet Britta

Britta Grubin

If you were to look at Britta Grubin you would see a woman who is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. What you cannot see from the outside is that she is also an evidential spiritual medium. She has been immersed in her own spirituality for over two decades and has been intuitive all her life about herself and others.

Britta’s path in life is not to change anyone’s belief system. She is merely the operator to connect you to your loved ones in spirit. Our love for one another continues on past this earthly experience and Britta wants everyone to know that this love and connection does not end. Britta has always believed that heaven is all around us, and it is not some far off place. Your loved ones are all around you every day and are still very much a part of your life.

Britta is a strong supporter in her community and has also had a decades long career in corporate sales. She most recently worked for a large medical sales company and it was during her time with this organization that she realized her mediumship abilities stretched far beyond anything she ever imagined. Britta soon found that she had the ability to tune in to the loved ones in spirit that wanted to make the connection with the physicians and office staff she was supporting. The connections she made has contributed to many memorable business luncheons and office visits!

Britta has enjoyed the opportunity to learn from many spiritual teachers and has attended various workshops world-wide. She also holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Arizona. She spent five years living abroad in Europe. She has had three babies in three countries that has catapulted her into many adventures with her children and beloved husband. She has had many life experiences and appreciates learning about new cultures and looks forward to connecting with you soon!