Are you looking for that spark to ignite your soul? Is your soul nudging you to expand? Are you searching for your spirit tribe?

Before a fire, an ignition or spark must occur. Soul Sparks Academy is here to ignite your soul and help you transcend beyond your human story. The place where your soul feels good, your worries wash away and you can sit in a space and feel at peace because everything in your soul feels so right.

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself and your soul in a 3 week program with Medium Britta.

With Britta as your spiritual mentor, you'll fan the flames of mindfulness, inner peace, and the vital connection to your higher self.

At Soul Sparks Academy, Britta helps provide that essential spark to ignite the depths of your soul, setting ablaze a transformative journey toward spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Just like fire brings warmth and illumination, Britta’s courses are designed to brighten your inner world, fueling a passionate, purposeful existence.

Current Programs

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Soulful Beginnings is a transformative spiritual journey designed to help you embark on the profound exploration of your inner self. This enlightening course serves as a gateway to your spiritual odyssey, focusing on the essential foundations that ignite the flames of your inner being.

Part 1: 5 classes, 6 topics

Cost: $175

Soulful Beginnings Part 1
Nov 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th
10am EST / 9am Chicago / 7am Pacific / 3pm London

Know Yourself – Spiritually speaking how well do you really know yourself? Why is this important?

Soul Planning & Grief – Is everything really all planned out for us?

Spirit Guides – Amplify the relationship and better understand the role your guides play in your life journey.

Psychic & Intuition – Do you know the difference? Can you feel the difference? Why is it important to understand the difference?

Working with the Clairs – Discerning the difference between the clairs

Chakras – The importance for well-being, strength & balance

Soulful Beginnings Part 2
Jan 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th (Registration Coming Soon!)

Thought is Action – Learn why manifestation works and how spirit plays a role

Manifestation – Manifest in action your greatest dreams

Emotions – Why do we have them? What’s the purpose?

Our Human Essence -

Astrology – Is it real, why does it work?

Angel numbers – What’s the meaning behind them?


Britta’s greatest teachers are the thousands of connections she has made with the spirit world Britta has an amazing team of spirit guides that she began a relationship with in her early teens.  As an evidential medium, over the years, Britta has connected to thousands of souls that have crossed to the afterlife. Every soul has a story, and every soul has taught Britta more about the afterlife and how we are all so connected through evidence-based mediumship and love is eternal.

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