I found Britta on the website Helping Parents Heal. It was easy to book an appointment with her and unlike most mediums I had contacted, Britta was available in the next couple of days. It was my first reading with a medium and I’m so glad I came across Britta. She was very compassionate, patient ans answered all my questions. First, my grandmother came through and all the validations my grandma presented to Britta were spot on. Then my boyfriend came through and it was him I wanted to connect wit most. Britta accurately described the circumstances he died and spoke about the happy memories that we both shared and only we both knew about them. My boyfriend communicated to look out for the full Moon and mentioned number 6. I’m into astrology and often just gaze into the full Moon whenever I see it. He said that he is looking at the same Moon as me and I’m not alone. Later that there was the full Moon at night and it was 6th of January. Exactly like my boyfriend communicated to Britta. It was such an incredible experience to have a reading with Britta. I highly recommend contacting her as it does help in your grieving journey.
–Angelika Walczak
I truly came away with a lighter heart. A majority of the validations were in real time. They were events that had just happened. Britta connected me to my son and it was beautiful!! Thank you
–Aimee Whitacre

My reading with Britta was extraordinary. She was able to bring forward loved ones in such a way that I felt instant warmth and love. Britta could give me specific details that confirmed that she was making connections. She is so kind and reassuring in her approach. The whole experience has made me feel lighter. Forever grateful for her talents!

–Erin Stanford

I had a reading with Britta to connect with my son who crossed over when he was a baby and it was such an amazing experience. I was really nervous going into it but she immediately helped me feel comfortable. She explained everything that was going to happen and answered my questions before we started. My son came through and so much evidence was provided that has helped me let go of pain that I’ve been holding onto. She volunteered to do a free Q&A specifically for mom’s that have gone through pregnancy or infant loss. Britta is truly such a kind, amazing lady!!!! Highly recommend booking her. You will not be disappointed.

–Dalyn Cooke

Britta is amazing at what she does! She brought through such accurate and detailed information from my loved ones. It was so wonderful and filled my heart with peace, joy, and hope. These sessions are so healing and a truly a gift from above!
–Molly Birkeland

Britta has done countless readings for me, including loved ones who have passed on, and animals both living and passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Each reading has been nothing but incredible. Britta’s accuracy in sharing details about my life that she would not have any insight into is truly amazing. She has been able to bring me closure to my pets who have passed on, connect me with a grandparent who has been passed for over 20 years, and given me great insight into my living pets through things they have shared with her about how to make them happier in this lifetime. If you’re a skeptic about mediumship, don’t be. Britta is as real as they come, and I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to connect with a human or animal spirit to reach out to her. I’ll be continuing to use Britta for years to come. Try one reading and you’ll be feeling the same way.

–Brittany Kruglick

I have used Britta 3 times. She has read the two horses I have now and she also read my childhood horse that passed 35 years ago. She was spot on! She has a gift that is so special and she has brought me comfort by being able to speak to one of my current horses who experience some trauma and she also brought me peace from my horse that passed. I highly recommend and will be using her again!

–Kelly Grant