Connect with your loved ones
and spirit guides from
the comfort of your own home

What is the difference between
a Psychic & a Medium?

What is a Medium?

Simply put, I am the middle-man between you and your loved one who has crossed over to the greater reality that many call heaven or the spirit world. I connect with the divine God Source when I am blending my soul with a soul in the spirit world. When my soul blends with your deceased loved one I can feel, see, hear, and know them at their soul level. It is an incredibly beautiful connection.

What is a Psychic?

When I give you a psychic reading, my soul is blending with your soul and I am hearing from your spirit guides. Your spirit guides will share current and future life events that will help you on your journey. I do not control the information that comes through but your Spirit guides typically share with me your career, wellness, finances, and love.

Does everyone have the connection?

We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones who have crossed over. How many times have you received a sign or a dream visit from a loved one that recently passed? Perhaps you heard them call your name or you felt their presence surround you? Maybe you walked into a room and smelled dad’s pipe or mom’s perfume?

These are all very much real occurrences to get our attention. When our loved ones die, their bodies die but their soul carries on to a far greater reality than this. Simply put, they are all around you but no longer wear a human suit like you. We are all psychic, it is that internal compass that we call intuition. Your intuition is a gift from the God source and should be listened to.

What will my loved ones share with you?

As a medium, I am able to connect you with your loved ones in a way that provides evidence that your loved ones are still very much all around you today and every day. Your loved ones share with me their personalities, physical attributes, shared memories, and your current life activities.

Your loved ones enjoy showing me what you have been doing recently. They do this to demonstrate that they are all around you all the time, surrounding you with love. It can be the simplest, every-day life occurrences but most people find that receiving evidence that their loved ones are present in their lives right now is an incredible feeling that will fill your heart with love.

Do I have to meet you in person?

The energetic connection can happen in the comfort of your own home. The energetic connection can happen in your own sacred space. It does not matter where you are in the world to connect with me. We can connect over the phone or on video. Your loved ones and spirit guides already know that our meeting is taking place and will show up whenever your appointment is.

Connect with your loved ones and guides
in the comfort of your home

My family and I are forever grateful for the joyful visit.

Powerful evidence combined with real compassion makes the experience of a reading with Britta both reassuring and, ultimately, life-changing. She is highly skilled and obviously devoted to the calling of reuniting people with their loved ones across the veil. My family and I are forever grateful for the joyful visit that she facilitated – it was a truly amazing reading!